Happy Thursday guys! I hope you’re having a great day so far. We’re having a strange one, it seems we’re in the middle of a bit of a storm this morning, we’ve already lost a fence in the garden. No one seems to have expected it but we’re about to venture outside and try to tie things down lol

Right after I share this sexy young man with you all!

His name is Kaue Machado and he’s appearing in a shoot which takes me right back to the early 90’s, for some reason.

I swear some of these photos are almost identical to photos that exist of me from about 1993, although I don’t look half as handsome and sexy as this young man.

I’m talking about the fashion, of course, and the style of the slightly blurry images.

I don’t know what equipment Mathws Aires has used for this shoot, but having looked at some of his other work it definitely seems as though he has an affinity for the 90’s, a little retro, and I’m guessing he might use proper film.

I like it, but then the 90’s is my favorite decade.

Let me know what you think of sexy Brazilian model Kaue Machado in the comments, and let me know if you want more pics of him. I think we might need to have another post with some clearer pictures of the sexy young hunk.

Have a fantastic Thursday, and wish me luck venturing out in this weather! I only hope I don’t see that giant cow flying past me like that scene from Twister 🙂

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