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Canadian pop star and teen heartthrob Shawn Mendes may appear sweet and polite on the outside, however behind closed doors he is nothing but a self-absorbed diva!

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  1. Why do I feel like Shawn didn’t have to act that much different from how he is in real life?

  2. *car crash happens
    (Next day in the news)
    "Shawn Mendes saves limo driver from car crash" ??

  3. Good driver:I know I can treat you better than the bad driver can
    Bad driver:OK you can have him

  4. Are you people stupid, this dude is a queer anal shit pusher for sure. He is a closet queer liar.

  5. Damnn Shawn just can't get like real mad at others plus he's such a kind baby angel and that's why I love him so much :") ps. I would have slapped the hell out of the driver ?

  6. I luv Shawn Mendes also!!! I bet he acts like this in real life. But I think this is an act. But I do think that Shawn would do this! Mendes Army

  7. shawn mendes is the most talented,sweet person i ever saw inside of this society.. shawn mendes is so sweet how he be calm every day

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