Simon Cowell frequently visits tropical beaches and frolics in the sun… but why, all of a sudden, did he decided to cover up his glorious man boobs!?

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Simon Cowell — The Man Boobs Cover-Up! | TMZ


  1. Guys that is NOT Simon!!! Look at him, then look at a picture of him or on agt or whatever! I'm not a big fan of him, but I'm positive it is not him!

  2. didnt he get sunburned there, maybe that why he cover up. should be careful in the sun. all men have boobs, its just ours are bigger.

  3. "Their bodies prove…" That's the definition of "Bro-science", you just admitted that you believe in bro-science. Our argument is over, thanks for playing but better luck next time. Bye.

  4. Don't message me first troll with your stupid comments. Their bodies prove they know about bodybuilding. Thanks to you people have probably turned to their channel & subscribed. Nuff said.

  5. Soulja Boy has millions of dollars, it doesn't mean that his music is good. It means that tons of people buy into his shit. You're wasting MY time by arguing your opinion and pretending that it's fact. Get the fuck off of my nuts and go do what the fuck you want to do.

  6. Who cares about your opinion, and who asked for it. The Hodgetwins have almost 125,000 subscribers for their bodybuilding channel alone. Therefore people want to hear what they have to say, in addition to their other channels. Stop being a hater & stop wasting my time.

  7. In my educated opinion, the twins are some comedians, not worth taking bodybuilding advice from. But at the end of the day, you can whine like a bitch to me because you can do whatever the fuck you wanna dooooooo.

  8. TMZ is fucking stupid. Stop making fun of other peoples bodies. and we wonder why self esteem is getting lower in todays society…

  9. Don't play stupid games with me, why did you message me in the first place when my complimentary comment was about them TO SOMEBODY ELSE. Then you send me a stupid message saying, "yeah that guy sucks black bodybuilder." The rest is too ignorant to mention. GTHOH

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