This is one of Simon’s hottest photos ever.

Former Pit Crew member Simon Sherry-Wood served a whole lot of body-ody-ody on season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, flaunting his mouth-watering six-pack and miiighty fine bulge in every episode.

The Irish hunk only appeared on the show for one season, but made quite the impression on viewers. 105k followers on Instagram – like, c’mon?!

Ever since his departure from the show, he’s continued to come thruuuu with steamy photos to satisfy us thirsty ass bishes, and his latest photo is one of his hottest EVER.

Before you view below, make sure you’re emotionally and physically prepared for the amount of abs you’re about to see. Thirst-levels are likely to increase by 122%. If you need an inhaler, go get your inhaler. Etc etc etc.

See below.

Someone help us pick up our jaws from the floor, and that book from his crotch (it’s very unnecessary, don’t cha think?)

Here’s some more of Simon’s hottest photos, because, why the hell not?

And finally…


BRB guys, about to draw up that petition to get Simon back on Drag Race.

Also, can we get a close-up on that last picture real quick?

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