Sleep deals with uneasy feelings after having sex for the first time from a woman’s perspective, using experimental combinations of ordinary images of everyday life. After a series of ominous images, the protagonist comes back to reality, relieved. Yet interestingly, the ending suggests that the moment of relief was, in fact, a dream. Directed by Hae-in Lee (KR)

Sleep 講述以一個女人的角度看見了自己在經歷了第一次的性經驗後的迷失與感受,當中結合日常的畫面生動道出了故事。經歷了夢境的一切之後,女主角回到了現實的,矛盾的情緒獲得了釋放。



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  2. Cant relate to her, I was confused at her behaviour. To me, the first time was like a progress leading to the pleasure I had never experienced before. Why should girls feel ashamed or judged by other people when they have sex for the first time? I just don't get it…You are the host of your body and you do whatever you want with it and you take the responsibility by yourself. Isn't it simple enough?

  3. Beautiful film. Women, though they shouldn’t, feel judged, and the guy sleeps peacefully. Lovely last frame.

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