Andy Cohen has been watching the World Cup, but not so much for the sport.

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Soccer Has The Hottest Guys! | TMZ


  1. Soccer dainty? Tell that to players like Yaya Toure, Vincent Kompany and Lukaku. Soccer players are the king of sports because it tougher to be an elite player in soccer than any other sport. Oscar people call him baby face because he doesn't have size or frame of most soccer players.

  2. when i first heard " soccer ' couple years ago .. thought it's some variation for " sugar " the americans use

  3. While it is true that a lot of soccer players complain a lot, soccer is actually a very tough sport.

  4. first of all its Football not soccer, and btw they say the players are wimpy? …i have played football for 15 years and its fucking brutal !! you will never learn that until you play it for real in a match against another team…ill tell you  whats wimpy!!! fuckin basket ball….ohhh he touched my hand…let me have a free throw…

  5. I thought the exact same thing about their hair. They must pay hundreds to keep it like that.

  6. "these players pretend to be hurt alot"
    shows picture of a guy who got hit in the head with a knee, eyes rolled back and had to go to the hospital..
    Makes sense.

  7. People keep complaining about how annoying Americans are for calling "football" soccer. I believe the only annoying people are the ones complaining, if you understand the context then there shouldn't be a problem. I feel like people from other countries find the dumbest reasons to complain about Americans, most of you are acting like it's the end of the world because Americans say soccer. Honestly, get over it.

  8. I'm not trying to hate on them but doesn't anyone else think they look completely average? Is the appeal that they look like the guy next door (while making million$)? They give off a middle school teacher vibe. Compare their athletes to those in american football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cycling, lacrosse, tennis, boxing, track, etc…. I could go on and on. Maybe I'm being too much of a guy and over analyzing.

  9. Yes they are! Neymar, Benzema, Rodriguez…. even the coaches (somebody say Zidane's back!). It's called the beautiful game for many reasons

  10. Soccer is the only major sport with white guys where u can see their hair. In baseball, football and hockey they wear helmets and pads, u cannot see their full potential. No homo, but mike fisher from the NHL is better looking than most soccer players.

  11. all u british saying its called football stfu englands eliminaded lmao usa still has a chance hahahahahah btw im also mexican fuk u europeans hahahah

  12. dainty ? NFL players r dainty! They have protective gear from head to row! FOOTBALL players don't wear protective gears and get injured! Dainty. American football is daintyً Also the word soccer should be banned! There's no such word!

  13. Red Indians a.k.a the real Americans would have been waaaayyyy more intelligent than these buffoons who call themselves "Americans" 

  14. Wimpy? You must be a special type of stupid? Then again you have never played futbol. So fuck you

  15. They are not dramatic it hurts , let see u get slammed into the grass , or hit by the shoe that were

  16. Dont blame americans for the word soccer england created the word but ditched it for the word football

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