Someone is really angered by people claiming being LGBT has to do with genetics.

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  1. The science of genetics and how they influence LGBT people is not really all that well understood. Our knowledge of genetics and the influence they have on personality and mental characteristics is in its infancy.

    But we can use some reason to infer the truth.

    The occurrence of LGBT people in human populations is sufficiently large enough that it is not a mutation or “birth defect”, but I’m fact a normal occurrence that probably was even selected for. Especially when it occurs at rates of 5% of they population or more (there’s actually some really amazing theories about the evolutionary advantage we provide, as LGBT people, but that would be a little off topic here).

    And in fMRI studies, we found that the brains of G, L and T people physically resemble those of the gender opposite their biological sex. To varying degrees for gays and lesbians, and more or less totally for transgender.

    So being glbt is almost definitely in the genetic code. And indeed, homosexuality and sexual dysmorphia are likely causally linked. But then, how does it happen that in identical twins, one can be gay and one straight?

    Epigenetics provides a very likely answer. This is where we can inheret a genetic predisposition to some given trait. But it doesn’t present itself as a phenotype unless the epigenetic tendency is appropriately triggered by the conditions in which the embryo/fetus develops.

    This is backed up by more recent research, such as a likely cause of the “Fraternal birth order effect”, where the more older brothers a boy has, the more likely he is to be gay. It’s linked to the amount of antibodies that build up in the mothers system increasingly for every boy-child she has. That is an epigenetic trigger.

    The research on transgender and G and L people seems to hint that they are closely related causally, and that it’s tied to a brain that functions opposite the person’s biological sex; there’s no basis to justify non-binary there. The whole issue of reproduction is actually quite dependent *on* the existence of a gender binary. but this is a… Politically Inconvenient reality, so scientists aren’t very loud about it.

    There are cases where “activists” have actually harassed scientists for science that suggests these inconvenient truths. It’s not a good look, FAM.

  2. Transgender people literally have a brain that physically, structurally, and functionally resembles that of the gender they’re identifying with so these people aren’t valid but Trans people are

  3. If they don’t care so much why are they flipping out about it. Like wtf. Who ever posted this is like I don’t care like whatever but is on r/rant cussing left and right. The one making the post is making a bigger fuss out of it then anyone I’ve ever seen. It seems inherently hypocritical.

  4. Hey, OP that posted my post. You didn’t read my post. You also missed my entire point. Read it again.

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