hot guy in sweats

Let’s be real – sometimes you just want it BAD

Can I just be a man-whore for a minute and acknowledge that there have been times in my life when I’ve needed a 10-inches? I know that may sound ridiculous but I’m just being real with you. There’s just something about a dude with a giant schlong that is curative.

You may wonder what I mean when I say “curative”.

Well, it’s simple. I’m talking about that super strong need to shove something large in your mouth. You know what I am talking about, right?

Like something so big that it makes your jaw hurt. And hey man I am just talking about oral at this point. We haven’t even touched on how something like that feels inside of your sugar walls.

It’s been SO long since I’ve been able to get my lips around a humongous dude. In fact, too long. Oh sure, some guys on Grindr claim they’ve got big stuff. But the truth is when you go to unzip their jeans, it’s the same azz thing as everyone else – average.

Let me be clear – there’s nothing wrong with average. I’m average.

But just like anyone might be in the mood for a big ol’ burger, there are times in life when you need a 10-incher to slurp  and bounce on. Can you dig it?

One thing I like to do when a guy has something majorly massive is take my time with him. If I’m in the mood for bottoming and want to sit on his tree-trunk, I make sure I don’t rush it.

This means taking in the head little by little until I get to the fatness of the middle. Then I slide down on it (gently).

It’s kind of like a challenge, you know. I mean have you ever wondered to yourself, “Can I really fit that freaking monster inside of me?”

Call me a size queen if you want – I don’t give a flying fudge. All I know is that there are times in life when you just need that 10-inches. Know what I’m saying man?

When is the last time you had a super-sized hot dog knocking at your backdoor? How about a tasty one in your mouth?