I took an alternative SpringBreak to Haiti

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-Canon 70D


  1. Gorgeous. I’m Haitian, Born in Brooklyn and visiting I’m gonna be visiting for the first time this summer. I’m also a photographer and soon to be videographer so this video was just a boost of motivation and excitement for me. Great job, great editing. You’re killing it?

  2. @7:04 Dominican Republic is not rich. This is the bullshit that is feed to those poor Haitians. There is poverty, pollution and corruption over there. Its sad because both countries could do much better is it wasn't for the greedy elites that rob all our money.

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  5. YES! I am trying to plan a trip to Ayiti for Spring Break 2k18. I havent been in like 18 years. Back to the roots!

    What made you decide to go to Haiti?

  6. I must say you are very talented! Thank you for showing others how beautiful my motherland is! I hope you enjoyed Haiti and all it has to offer! ??

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