Watch Trevor Noah’s project visit in South Africa:

Donate now at – Special stand-up set by Trevor Noah for Red Nose Day 2015.


  1. That's how Ebola spread…dickwads jumping on planes and traveling to other countries after being in contact with the disease.

  2. Trevor Noah for President of South Africa. Let the Presidential Comedy Hour begin!!! The Venting Vigilante.

  3. It’s pretty easy to get through British security. My whole family got through and we all had expired passports

  4. When he said America doesnt know anything I didn't laugh and i realized it was because it was so true I couldn't just laugh 🙁

  5. T Noah should take his stuffy accent and backward views on culture, which only white nationalists appreciate, because he is their puppet, back to S Africa, where he is safely "colored" and not black.

  6. Low quality humor. I feel deeply sorry for the people that actually feel the jokes are funny. It is rather sad.

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