Alabama – Alabama has a lot of rednecks
Alaska – Alaska has a lot of bears
Arizona – It’s really hot
Arkansas – Everyone has the same bloodlineโ€ฆ..
California – A bunch of offended people
Colorado – Cause of th–you know why
Connecticut – One of the classiest states
Delaware – Delaware has nothing
Detroit – I dunno really
Florida – Retirement
Georgia – Who the f*ck is Shalissa
Hawaii – Golf, water, and laziness
Idaho – Idaho, home of the potato
Illinois – The entire state of Illinois is Chicago
Indiana – Mike Pence
Iowa – Chillary Clinton
Kansas – A lot of tornadoes.. that carry houses and cars away.. do you see where I’m going
Kentucky – Religion
Louisiana – Popeyes
Maine – Maine is just southern Canada right?
Maryland – Rich snobs
Massachusetts – Massachusetts has the Patriots and the it takes place at Boston College
Michigan – Snow and mittens
Minnesota – State of hockey
Mississippi – Based upon research, Mississippi is tied for the most religious state
Missouri – Meth heads
Montana – The 82nd country state
Nebraska – Farm country
Nevada – Party city
New Hampshire – Rich rebels
New Jersey – Drama, drama, drama
New Mexico – There are spooky invaders
New York – Crime and the show takes place there
North Carolina – Coastal
North Dakota – Northern South Dakota
Ohio – The friendly state
Oklahoma – Oklahoma has a lot of pedophiles per capita
Oregon – You guys have no idea how to pump gas
Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania started off as a Quaker state
Rhode Island – Is Rhode Island even a state?
South Carolina – Parties
South – Dakota Southern North Dakota
Tennessee – Capital of country music
Texas – Even SpongeBob thinks they Texas is dumb
Utah – All your made up curse words
Vermont – Inaudible sounds
Virginia – Politics
Washington – You should know this, too
West Virginia – Based upon research, West Virginia is one of the dumbest states, i guess
Wisconsin – You know why you cheese heads
Wyoming – At least it’s not a gay cowboy stereotype

These are meant to be stereotypical, don’t be offended


  1. the spooky invaders for new mexico is right. my friends almost got kiddnapped the other day. so is the montana one lol no lie.

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