Doing what I can to make the world a better place – one pair of straight boy underwear at a time. Huge thanks to aussieBum for hooking us up with the sexy …

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  1. I love seeing straight guys being completely comfortable around gay guys without the whole dumbass “oh no he's gonna hit on me or try to fuck me“ mentality

  2. If he likes boxers, maybe you should have had him try a pair of fitted boxers instead of briefs, and then he wouldn't feel so self-conscious about the tight briefs.

  3. That's why I love boxer-briefs because you get the comfort of boxers but without the baggy, parachute material that regular boxers are made of

  4. I agree with the comment that this is stereotyping. I have gay friends and have had gay people work for me who were great guys – however, none of them have shown any interest in male fashion and – honestly – are about the worst dressed men I have ever met – I don't know about their underwear (!) but I bet it follows the same trend. Whereas I and a lot of straight men are interested in men's fashion. This sort of thing is pretty demeaning to gays and straights – gays because they are expected to indulge in something that they may not care about (fashion and underwear) and straights because the line is that we cannot be clothes-conscious. Grow up please!

  5. Most of the straight guys dont wear sexy or fancy underwears.. Literally they dont care about sexiness of underwears. It only gay guys wear all those branded, fancy underwears, jockstraps and gstrings.. Haha.. It cool actually, but make sure you own that sexy summer body and bubble ass😂😍

  6. DaveyWavey, don't impose your gay aesthetic to straight men, especially those who are friendly to you… Thank you.

  7. I really liked the straight guys skin complexion. A lot people would say he needs a tan, but I think his skin has a nice soft shade of white.

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