Become a fan on facebook: Straight girls respond to lesbians who responded to straight guys who responded to gay guys’ …

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  1. What's wrong with a grandma "fingering another grandma"?
    Is there anything wrong with a grandma having a penis in her vagina or a grandpa having a sex life?
    What is wrong with you guys, do you not know that you will be by there in 20-40 years?
    Does it seem ok for you to imagine that in just a few years, you will be "denied the right" to have a sex life by narcissistic and complacent young people and that people will be making videos talking about how disgusting and unnatural that is/you are?

    Let me break this down for you (in case you feel obliged of anything in that matter): you do not have to picture anyone/everyone having sex, *just like you don't need to picture your parents going at it*.
    So if you feel uncomfortable, just leave it alone.
    And by all means, let the elderly be.

  2. The Hypocrisy of Gays.
    Everyone on the Gay Men and Women videos were like “This is so funny lol” “Guys it’s satire stop being mad XD”

    And now with these types of videos they get so many dislikes and “Wow this is not funny 😡😡”

  3. This is a vid of just straight girls not getting the fucking joke smh. This is why it hasnt gotten 1 million views yet

  4. People are really stupid. What is it you don't get about this video? It's the best one of this idiotic saga.
    So the others are satire… but this isn't?
    They're making the best point of all.
    Really good.

  5. I find it funny that they complain about not wanting to date gay men — all the while being either fully or half-gay themselves. I'm sorry but I am a man and I would not date a bisexual woman. I would not feel comfortable with her staring at other women, fantasizing about them, etc. You don't wanna date gay men? Fine. But then at least give me your straightness in return. I don't need to look at, get horny of, and fantasize about men either, so I think it's only fair if that were mutual.

  6. im going to be true pls dont hate me i dont like gay and lesbian

    i only respect normal people also i hate flat earthers

  7. Wow , men are either douche or gay or Joseph Gordon Levitt , that's awesome I don't think even if these get dumped ,it would be a problem , they would find another just like that 😂 , and anyways men are the assholes to society is what I get from this whole deal aside from gay marriage

  8. The video they're responding to was aimed at homophobic women. They're not homopobes so there was no point to this video. They kept going off topic, and the comedy was terrible. I'll take die, thank you very much.

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