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  1. Me and my best friends are very comfortable with our sexuality and we all have girlfriends…sometimes we give a little butt slap or we touch each others legs in public just to see how people react…and we laugh like a lot

  2. Men need to be re-educated regarding showing signs of affection towards another man. There is nothing wrong with admitting you love another man, hugging, or sharing personal ideals. But remember to respect each other's boundaries if one is simply not comfortable showing visible signs of affection.

  3. These folks are grown men
    Y'all never cuddled your guyfriend before? Why ya look so uncomfortable? You made me feel awkward watching this

  4. This is pure bullshit.. it’s just not weird as much as it’s just fucked up to fucking cuddle with another man specially if the individuals sexual orientation is straight. I couldn’t continue watching looked disgusting.

  5. They mostly looked awkward, LOL. I've cuddled with males and females so I can say, It's All Good. Probably if people touched more there'd be more peace and a lot less prejudice. Human touch wasn't invented…it was programmed in our DNA. Chill out people! Would you rather go through your whole life never touching anyone? That would be a lonely and depressing existence…

  6. Love it when the guy at 2:11 goes "You go that way??" Well YES, because if he went the other way it would be a 69, and I don't think you signed up for that!

  7. The black guy and his white male "companion " seemed to be very comfortable w/ each other dare I say familiar………

  8. No straight guy would let another man touch them. If a man let's another man touch him in a sexual manner that man is gay af.

  9. Being guy friends for more than 5 years means more than just friends. This vid proves it for those guys who have been friends for 17 years. Congrats!! 😂

  10. My friends and I are sometimes a bit too affectionate
    My friend came to stay with me, and I woke up, and went to go fix coffee. I told her and she said she was going to go back to sleep. I was about to leave the room and all I heard was her saying my name and violently tapping her forehead and she said "um excuse me where's my forehead kiss"
    We literally cuddle and hold hands all the time. We get mistaken for being together often, but we just platonically love each other.
    We act like an old married couple.
    It shouldn't be weird for guys to do the same. In my school I've seen guys holding hands, and laying on each other just because. It's sweet. It should be fine to bond with your friends.

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