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Today we shot the second half of Why Don’t We’s “Something Different” music video & I streaked on the beach.

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.


  1. Logan, I've never watched your videos and only saw the Japan one after u had already taken it down and someone had put it on some other website. What I have to say about it after watching it is that even before the video started you talked about how this was a serious matter, as a matter of fact throughout the whole video you kept telling us how serious this situation was. I think that if anyone else was in your shoes in that forest in Japan they would of kept filming as well because it's not every day something like that happens. No one would of stopped filming on the spot. You were also able to catch everyone's reactions and that showed how ppl acted different, everyone does have different reactions and your video showed us that. I think people are over reacting and are hating on you just because everyone else is too. But i think your video was important, people say that we should bring awareness of things like suicides and mental illnesses but when other post real videos with real reactions like this with things that are actually happening in the world everyone things it is unacceptable and a "sin". But now all these people that are say that all this stuff such as bullying is serious and we shouldn't do it are doing it to u. I read some of the comments on your page and they are doing exactly what they are telling u not to do. So Logan, I'm here to tell you not to listen to them, ignore them, keep making your videos. Your real fans will watch them and so will everyone that is on your side. Now I will watch your videos. I am posting this on one of your earlier videos so that u see it and so that it doesn't more hate and people talking shit. I really hope you see this and that you really think about the things I've said. Im in this with ya, we in this my guy. Really hope u see this.

  2. Zach:it’s biting me
    Logan:my man
    Zach:the leaf is biting me
    Logan:that doesn’t make any sense biologically you’re 100 percent incorrect

  3. Zach: "How are we gonna film it?"
    Logan: "With a camera."
    Zach: "Yeah but like…… does hand thing

  4. It sounded like a child when he said stop stop stop and hitting the camera you hit the Logans Logan

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