The “I’m Straight and I Wear Speedos”™ group presents the Summer of the Speedo! If you already rock the straight speedo lifestyle this is your chance to spread the cause with your teammates…


  1. I'm straight and I wear thongs to the beach as do many gay and straight guys. I wonder what the size of a swimsuits as to do with being gay or not.The smallest micro suits I have found are at, I get a lot of attention wearing them.

  2. People sure do get uptight over a guy in competition suits at the beach. Why, I dont know. Everything that should be covered is. They are much more comfortable to swim in, and leave a great tan line.

  3. whooww!!!!!! those cliff dives are super dangerous, one small mistake on the landing and you spend  the rest of your life in a wheel chair!!!!!

  4. Straight Swimmers, Divers, Water Polo players, triathletes, recreationalists alike, follow us on Facebook and Google+ today! This is the 2014 Summer of the Speedo! #straightandinspeedos   #ISAIWS   #SummerOfTheSpeedo  

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