During dinner, Sheriff Jody Mills talks about safe sex to his “daughter” Alex, while Sam and Dean get embarassed. From supernatural, season 11 episode 12 …


  1. I love how Sam is all like "this is none of my business, better go fast" while Dean is like "uuuh, drama, nice, I like that"

  2. I love how Dean's so into the gossip and the little "oh we're going there" sam squeaked out gets me everytime

  3. BIG MOOD: The Winchesters in the middle of THE TALK and Dean saying “what?” to just not to be involved.

  4. 'During dinner, Sheriff Jody Mills talks about safe sex to his "daughter" Alex' umm last time i checked jody was a woman and a good looking one at that.

  5. They need to do a spin off with Jody & the 2 girls honestly. Jody like a more Caring John Winchester & the brunette Alex who left the orev family for a "Normal" life is like Sam was while the blonde (Castiels "daughter") is more like Dean ready to hunt. Now That would be EPIC!!!!

  6. did you guys hear about these three ladies having their own spin-off. its called wayward sisters.

  7. It definitely would have been funnier if when she looked at the boys Sam turned to Dean and said something like "this is your area of expertise"

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