Reaction to the court’s ruling was mixed, with some protesting the decision and others cheering it as a victory for religious liberty.

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  1. The Plague of Politically Correct Fascism

    “I had a good friend, a sweet elderly gentleman who was unabashedly gay, and he passed away several years ago. He used to denounce gay marriage in the most vicious manner and, so one day, I asked him what inspired such strong sentiments. He responded, “Honey, I can’t stand religions since most seem to have issues with those of my kind…and I can not fathom why any gay person would embrace any institution such as marriage that is a religious sacrament. In doing so, they only succeed in offending the religious majority and creating even more hatred against my kind. It just makes no sense!” Today, my gay friend would be unable to voice openly such a contrarian opinion since, within a society under thrall of politically correct fascists, aka, neo-McCarthyites, such a sentiment would be deemed to be a “hate crime.” Until the politically correct fascists are removed from their positions of power in our society, particularly within the academe and Big Media, then the suppression of free speech will continue and everybody will be compelled to walk upon eggshells, no matter what their race, religion, or sexual preference.”

    _________________ Catman Cohen, 2017

  2. The Collision of Relativism and Absolutism in Creating the New American Paradox

    “Our society is not merely contending with formidable propagandists posing as "neutral" Big Media news sources; worse yet, those ultra powerful propagandists utilize every tool possible to destroy any form of compelling ideological opposition. We are truly involved in a vicious cultural war, a last stand against those who wish to eliminate all Judeo-Christian norms. It is a paradoxical battle spearheaded by two factions of antithetical zealots; on the one hand, there are those determined to impose purely relativist values, in service of the neo-gods of Atheism, consumerism, narcissism, hedonism, corporatism, materialism, and the most vacuous Cult of Celebrity; and on the other hand, there are those who seek to reshape our society under the purely absolutist, alien, values of Sharia Law. The net result: paradox upon paradox. After all, who would imagine that a day would arrive where both women and gays champion the unfettered immigration of Islamists dedicated toward the dissemination of Sharia Law that commands the subjugation of those very same women and the complete eradication of the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT)?”

    ___________________ Catman Cohen, 2017

  3. There's an important thing to remember here
    He didn't refuse service because they were gay
    He refused to make a product for an event he didn't agree with
    This is about the product not the people, and so is not discrimination
    He didn't tell them to get out of his store because he didn't like gays, he merely refused to make a custom made cake.
    Which he has every right to do

  4. A pair of entitled, vindictive assholes harass a baker and sue him because his opinion differs. Now we know who the real intolerant Nazis are. FFS, go.find.another.baker.

  5. I like that they clarified in the end that the supreme court's decision was not to support the baker's right to discriminate against gay couples, but that the their decision was based on the fact that the civil courts did not deal with the situation correctly. This makes me feel better. While our country strives to prevent discrimination by creating anti-discrimination laws, this goes both ways. People should not support religious exercises that are pro-discriminatory, thereby allowing others to be discriminated against.

  6. I was always a believer in live and let live I pay for my sins you pay for yours…these 2 guys don't, they and the left are constantly throw their lifestyles under our noses no matter how much it stinks. Live your life the best way you can , let others do the same and remember , a business can deny service to anyone.

  7. These 2 guys are being bullies and calling it gay rights…minority rights do the same to silence the real majority

  8. My 2cents I personally would go some place else. BUT if they are not wanting to sale them a cake because of religion then to validate that reason they should put up a big sign that says we only sale Wedding cakes to sinless one man, one woman couples due to our religion. Keeping in mind if some one gets married a 2nd time that's another woman or another man, divorced or not "if the vowels were til death do us part" its still ANOTHER its no longer ONE man or One woman some one is marrying a 2nd man or woman and the fist one is still living. Then people that disagree also can pass up the shop and go elsewhere. And people that they don't sale to will not waist their time with them anyway.

  9. Hello? Go to another bakery. Next they will try to get the UN involved when the Pope refuses to perform the marriage rights for gays. Talk about looking for trouble AND trying to force their belief system on other people. Get someone else to bake your fucking cake.

  10. Its not even about religious beliefs. Its about having the right to not serve someone if you don't want to. I work with customers everyday and if I don't like them I don't do work for them. Pretty simple.

  11. Marriage is a religious ceremony for men and women not faggots and dikes. You are disguisting animals and are more worthless than a horse with all 4 legs broken. Good lord i hate whats happening to this world, this country. Bunch of queer fucking sissies you're destroying this country internally like the A.I.D.S in your sick asses. Making generation after generation retarded pussies. At least when you die you will be forgotten. No paradise for faggots.

  12. Under Puritanical law, your Christian faith, you will find a more judgemental faith. You are not going to be innoocent

  13. AGAIN AS A WORLD, FAITH HAS NO PLACE…………When your ancestors immigrated from England is this what they wanted??? Do you you want to go all the way back and live under puritanical law?????

  14. If someone won't make you a cake then find another person that will instead of killing his business because you're offended

  15. This wasn't discrimination, this is his religious freedom, if they ruled in favor of the gay couple; what would stop gay couples from going after churches for not performing gay wedding ceremonies? This couple and all the Left-wing ding-bats need to take a look at themselves and their hypocritical behaviors; really do some long hard self reflection. AND THIS IS COMING FROM A GAY MAN. Get over yourselves Mary.

  16. Keep standing up for the teachings of the Bible sir, god disapproves of gay marriages, god loves gay people but condems homosexuality.

  17. Those 2 gays need their asses kicked. Some gays are just fucking retarded. Pushing ANY view onto another is SOCIAL RAPE.

  18. It is all about the thin end of the wedge. It can go bad for gays very quickly. Most gays have no sense of solidarity. If someone is overweight then many gays will not even talk to them. The basis of the gay political block is very weak. Gore Vidal claimed that gay people are nothing but a group of people who have nothing in common other than the fact that they are sexually attracted to other men. Until two men can have a child the straight people will always have more power of cohesion than gays.

  19. Hate to say this but based on the comments I've seen in the video majority of the LGBT community does not want to respect the faith and religious belief of the baker. I have a high respect to the community but with regard to this matter, they should know how to give respect to other people. LGBT wants equality and respect, thus, they should also give it to other people.

  20. Professional or not it is still his business and he should be able to serve who he wants to if they don’t like that they can just go to a different business and buy a cake there but they had to sit there and whine and cry and act like the victim even though the man was the victim because they were forcing there beliefs onto him

  21. that is so fuck up they dont stop gun violence but they say its ok to bully someone over a wedding cake Look kids shoot dead at school woman killed in food store shooting at church Vegas shooting 59 dead bible reader took gun to church and killed 29 people 5000+ dead in gun violence in USA

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