Grindr Users Are Sad

Well gents, we’ve got news for you that won’t feel like news at all. A new survey found out that gay dating app Grindr is making everyone miserable.

Time Well Spent (which, we’ll be honest, the name itself presents bias) conducted a survey with 200,000 iPhone users.

They asked the users about the multiple different apps that the users used on a regular basis. Specifically, they asked if the app made the users happy or not.

As you might exepct, the results found that people were happier using calming apps like meditation apps or auditory apps like music or podcasts.

And possibly even more obviously, dating apps like Gindr scored very low.

The survey results ended up with 77% of respondents feeling regretful to have logged onto the app.

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But that’s not all.

People were also upset to be using apps like Candy Crush Saga (about 71% to be exact) and even social media juggernaut Facebook (64%).

Possibly, what affected Grindr’s low score is the fact that users often felt less happy about an app the longer they spent time on it. As we all know, Grindr users spend a lot of time on the gay dating app.

“On average, comparing between ‘Happy’ and ‘Unhappy’ amounts of usage of the same apps, their ’unhappy’ amount is 2.4 times the amount of ‘happy time,’” Time Well Spent explained.

For example, people who used Facebook for at least 59 minutes a day were pretty unhappy about it. Meanwhile, people who only perused the app for 22 minutes were pretty happy.

Ultimately, this survey is saying that these apps aren’t necessarily bad, but we should be spending less time on them. Instead, give your phone a break and you’ll be feeling happier in no time.