These 2 movies motivated me to come out, so I wanted to share them with you. Let me know if you’ve seen them and any others I should see. Thanks!


  1. So many Gay Movies that it's hard to choose. "Big Eden", "Boy Culture", "The Broken Hearts Club"…those are Comedies. "Our Lady of the Assassins", "The Trip", "Latter Days", "And The Band Played On", "Out In The Dark", "Longtime Companion"…Drama's. Check them out when you get a chance.

  2. The Way He Looks is the sweetest film I've ever watched, it's Portuguese and I'd recommend it to anyone

  3. I am really like both movies in your list too, but for me i am an asian so the social norm is quiet different from western countries. is the movie that touching my heart most.

  4. A really great down to earth movie that intertwines within itself several faces of the one central character is "Strapped" as in no money not bdsm 🙂 Full movie is on youtube.

  5. Shelter is excellent. A movie you should see is called Mulligans!! Also Geography Club and I Do. All good movies.

  6. Omg love the movie shelter !! That’s been like a dream relationship ! Meeting someone special randomly and being there for someone when they need someone there .. and then building a family !! So beautiful ! My favorite movie!

  7. I absolutely loved Shelter! I was saying it to myself just before you said it! I know it's in the comments but I think you'd really like Latter Days as well.

  8. I remember when "Prayers for Bobby" came on TV. I watched it and was surprised my parents sat through it. I think because Sigourney Weaver was in it. My parents are comfortable when someone is in a movie they seen before. I recently saw "Bridegroom" and bought the DVD. Incredible movie. Cried my eyes out. I also saw "Latter Days" about a Mormon who comes out as gay and how he deals with his feelings and the hate from the other Mormons he's with. There's an interesting gay flick called "Strapped" which comes off as a suspense/thriller type film. Certainly keeps you guessing as you watch it. Never saw "Shelter." I'll have to see that one if it's on YouTube.

  9. I saw prayers for boby in 2013 and I enter my top gay movies or lgbt but I did not finish shelter and I do not know why I do not call my attention, but I do see that a lot of people like it maybe someday see it full ,Almost forget it I recommend "denied" although it is not very thoughtful is more of drama and some comedy but has escene strong and super hot haha and handsome guys but one is a ranger xp whatever the next trick,the conrad boys aah! and beautiful thing that I think is my favorite movie and it was the first I saw with barely 14 years, greetings and luck 😉

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