Costa Rica is a mecca of tourism, filled with beauty and amazing eco-adventures. Explore the bright and dark side of this popular vacation spot. This video seeks to raise awareness for tourists on how to address the rising growth in illegal tourist activities impacting this nation and others around the globe. If you see suspicious tourist activity please report it to the hotel, tourism officials and police authorities. Work to end these exploitative practices.


  1. Costa Rica tiene leyes que protegen a los menores de edad. Y usted elige el turismo que desea hacer a nivel mundial. Todo está en usted. Cambiemos el mundo para bien… Pura vida mae.

  2. La prostitusion d menores nunca fue un problema en C.R hasta el boom dl turismo… es parte d nuestra forma d vivir….no hay ningun lado oscuro d parte d Costa Rica, la gran mayoria d estos negocios sn administrados x extranjeros para extranjeros

  3. Absolute BS, Costa Rica is not a mecca of child sex tourism at all. It is a country (like most middle and south American countries) that allows females 18yrs of age and over to sell "themselves" to other adults for money.What it absolutely does not allow is for 3rd parties to make a dime off the sale.
    Are there massage parlors that break this rule by charging "room rental" and such, sure. However this is a much smaller degree than in the US where girls from countries thousands of miles away are basically held captive until they pay off their employers for setting them up in business.CR being a relatively safe country full of wealthy tourists is indeed a hotspot for the sale of sex by consenting sex workers from other nearby countries like Columbia and others. While there are certainly local scum that sell children its far from a large problem and CR law enforcement is BIG on busting any locations that cater to this type of business.

  4. Why do people praise Costa Rica?
    1. Defendants can be tried multiple times in court. Only when the prosecutor is satisfied do the trials end. There is no limit. The defendant's counsel is not allowed to cross-examine witnesses.
    2. The tico prison system:
    Hell spilling over: Is Costa Rica’s preventive prison system in need of reform?
    Michael Krumholtz August 9, 2016
    3. Feel safe with all those gun-toting assholes outside barber shops, malls, grocery stores etc? Wonder why?
    4. Costa Ricans boast they have no army. They shit on America but expect America to rescue it if it gets attacked.
    5. Poor Salvadorans and Nicaraguans fleeing across the border get herded into camps. Children are taken away and put up for adoption to…you guessed it…Americans!

  5. It always happen in every country where USA step in foreign land they always abuse the foreign land some want to buy stuff cheap, some go for sex and look for the young and innocents and they also abuse authority.

  6. There is always "Crime" in 3rd World Countries, that's because the Justice System
    is usually Corrupt and they don't get paid enough or what they think they should
    be paid. If the Police are paid enough they will look the other way.
    People break into homes in Costa Rica all the time.
    People are poor so the only way they can make money is either to move to another
    country or Steal and Prostitute themselves.
    The Hotel where we lived we saw School Aged girls in School Uniforms walk in with
    Men much older than them and go to their rooms.

  7. I lived in Costa Rica for 1 yr. I know that some of the Mafia own property there.
    Also a Lady was walking down the street and a local came up on a motorcycle
    reached out and grabbed her Purses Shoulder Strap wrapped it around the
    handle bars of the Motorcycle and took off, dragging the woman and injuring
    her in the process.

  8. Foreigners do not know the reality and yes there is a dark side to all of this. I don't agree that Americans should be blamed for all the sex crimes going on but there are also Europeans who come here looking for drugs and sex. If you stay in your hotel and enjoy my country as you should, respecting our children staying away from the dark reality there is not much you would know. I happen to work for social services and I do have more information than the average people. You all would be surprised with all the cases we get daily about men and women mostly American and Brittish accused of this sort of cases. We are a third world country and basically, you can get away with everything. Horrible reality of Costa Rica.

  9. Costa RicANS ARE notHING BUT thieves TARGETING gringos DAY IN DAY OUT; sTAY AWAY THIS PLACE IS shiT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you for this video all children need to be protected. I commend you for this service to our community.

  11. Strange mix- Costa Rica is beautiful, second half an expose on child sex abuse. Improperly labeled. Not a travel video. These are separate topics and need to be split into two videos and relabeled. They both have a place, but not in this format.

  12. What you mean by the dark side of the country? Every country has a bad side, you must be cautious everywhere , get the proper info, be where you have to be at the proper hour, that s it !"

  13. Sex tourist are the lowest of the low, complete scum, should they get caught it should be an automatic 30 years in jail.

  14. You won't stop this despicable practice but what can be done is to hit those who buy children for sex, hard.
    First offense: Thirty years. No appeal. Gone.
    Second offense (thirty years later): Stand against a wall and bang. Gone for good.
    Watch how quickly it would show results.
    Need someone to pull the trigger…? Call me .

  15. You have this in the USA, Philippines, D.R. Panama, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Columbia, all over the world…  http://www.CostaRicaMountainHomes...

  16. Guys i am Costa Rican and always lived here, if something like that happens, people would just go away from the country? thats why the world is fucked up, no one does anything about it, people just leave, i thought we were all a big family in this world, for stand for each other, instead of just making fun of it.

  17. God (Allah) of Jesus son of Mary please stop this however you see fit. Curse those behind this child sex slavery.

    Thank you for posting this video. It lets me know not to go there unless I bring a military force to wipe out the perps.

  18. You have to be one sick individual to have sex with a child and 30 years is good sad the taxpayer has to support this.


  20. This is sad, I know it's true, it's true everywhere.People who do this are psychopaths, sociopaths ,others have as much value as a bottle cap or a rubber band, they are used, then thrown away in the trash .
    People who can earn enough money to fly to another country and do this crap are not obviously ill, they often work with children like CPS, I know this personally and by the type of person drawn to the job, power trippers want to be a cop, not all, bu just like in life, your neighbor might go to work at CPS and jack off in front of his kids or let her husband molest their daughter and you would never know it, 90% of the populace has no experience with this type of psychopath who is not obviously insane, batshit loco, the psychopath knows what he should say or portray as feeling, when in fact they have no feeling but for their own needs, wants, desires. They need to be medically deafened and blinded then feeding tube and poop tubes and shove them in a drawer.

  21. Goddam horny perverted, whorey men, and their filthy anxious d*cks! >:( I know there's women sex predators out there, but it's mostly men.

  22. Los ticos lo van a negar con todo pero la verdad duele. Viven chupandole la plata a los turistas y son dispuestos a hacer cualquier porronga si hay plata al final. Manga de hipocritas.

  23. Costa Rica gets a bad rap only because America's freak out about anything related to sex. Trust me there is not that much more child sex abuse on average in Costa Rica than there is in the United States. We hear so much about it because Americans like to focus on other countries and judge them without looking at ourselves and seeing our own problems.American men go to these countries to find adult women for companionship because their own women treat them like shit. America feminists are pissed off that men have such an option so they take one of Costa Rica's ills like child sex abuse and say that American men are causing it.The truth is that the majority of American men who go to Costa Rica to participate in legal prostitution are seeking adult women. A minority are seeking adult men (gay prostitutes). An extremely rare minority of them are seeking children and if one is caught doing this then he faces years in Costa Rican prison and there are many setups and stings all over the country. This in itself keeps many male sexual predators from even considering Costa Rica as a place to sexually abuse children.Americans need to look at how sexually dysfunctional they are in their own country and stop demonizing tourists and other countries because of their problems.

  24. All of this is true. I was there in CR in 2011 and what really infuriated me is the bullshit they sell you about "how wonderful the country is", "Pura Vida" and all that shit. As if they didn't have mountains, rivers or horseback riding in the United States. And as far as "the rainforest" in CR – EVERY country from Mexico to Argentina has bigger rainforests and better roads -well. MOST of them. CR has no military coups, they celebrate being a "democracy", and considered the "Switzerland of the Americas". I've been to the real Switzerland, and believe me, Costa Rica is NO Switzerland. Then you ask yourself – if they have Gringo Pricing, they rip you off in the car rentals, and they have all this American and foreign investment such as an Intel plant to make microchips, they have call centers, they have a working population, trillions in Tourism money…. where is the FUCKING MONEY?  The country looks shitty! No road signs, no street signs to tell you which avenue or street you're on, and then the locals secretly try to rip you off at every chance they get. FUCK TICOS, FUCK COSTA RICA, AND FUCK THE FUCKING TICO TIME!!! FUCK TICO TIME!! FUCK THEM ALL!

  25. What is the purpose of this video.? To belittle Costa Rica? Like Costa Rica is supposed to be heaven on earth only because it is trying to attract tourism to come to see its natural beauty. Because the country has created a tourist industry that helps the economy? We all know bad shit happens everywhere and CR is no exception. Danger is everywhere, Im from Costa rica but have been living in Florida for many years. I can tell you without disparaging Florida there is all kind of crazy stuff going on over here: poverty, prostitution, child neglect, unemployment, drugs, too many guns in the wrong hands, people begging on the streets, the homeless, just the other day I was watching a news report where they were talking about child prostitution here in the US. But you know what? I don't go make a video about it, because I understand it is stuff that unfortunately happens everywhere,

  26. Certainly sex tourism, and child sex tourism, are a large part of the dark side of tourism in Costa Rica, but I suspect that there's more to the dark side of Costa Rican tourism than just this.  Of course, this is the pet cause of those who made this video.  But, having been to Costa Rica myself, I can point out another dark side, and there are probably others:  A popular tourist slogan for Costa Rica at the time I visited was, "Costa Rica – no artificial ingredients", and definitely eco-tourism is big in Costa Rica.  But the fact is that they use a lot of toxic artificial chemical pesticides in their agriculture, which I witnessed first hand – had to roll up the bus windows to avoid coughing my guts out.  Has anyone else seen other dark sides of Costa Rican tourism?

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