Saskatoon may be undiscovered but that is about to change: This gay-friendly city is a welcoming place with beautiful wide-open prairie skies and an urban river valley

The South Saskatchewan River runs throughout the center of Saskatoon, and you actually can traverse the city by canoe, kayak, paddleboard or even riverboat. Urban attractions like the new world-class Remai Modern Art Museum and its most comprehensive collection of Picasso linocuts thrive alongside oaked gin at Black Fox Farm & Distillery. Canada’s breadbasket provides for a fabulous culinary experience.

And of course, then there is the thriving LGBTQ scene. Here are five great ways to get the most out of Saskatoon.

The James Hotel Saskatoon

Check into this stylish boutique, where you can being your exploration because everything is but a short walk away.

Divas Nightclub

Wander over to Divas for a cocktail and maybe catch a drag queen or five.

Divas Nightclub

What nightlife is meant to be

220 3rd Ave S # 110

Primal Pasta

Carb load with fresh pasta made from local heritage grains.

Primal Pasta

Tradition Italian made with Saskatchewan heritage grains

423 20th st

Citizen Cafe and Bakery

After a good night sleep at the James, head out for homemade coffee and fresh pastries.

Saskatoon Farmers’ Market

After a morning walk or kayaking, head to the Farmer’s market for an organic salad made with the freshest local veggies.

Hometown Diner

After an afternoon nap and museum tour, enjoy comfort food and a great wine selection at Hometown Diner.

Hometown Diner

Fresh take on diner food

210 20th Street West

Pink Lounge & Nightclub

Cap the evening with a trip to this nightclub with a welcoming small-town vibe as all types gather for dancing and socializing.

By Chris Bull