Who is that old fat guy in the speedos and why does he feel compelled to wear them down by the swimming pool? What’s your view – should they ban guys like …

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  1. Stupid ugly bitches, Whats wrong with a man in a speedo? If you don't like it stop looking. These horrible women (if you could call them that) should leave the pool themselves for being stupid bullies.

  2. You stupid bitches. Youre so immature. I wish you'd gotten someone that would have put you in your places. Not your business to push on what someone is wearing. Do you think we like looking at your sagging white asses. Maybe we should say I cannot believe I married you fat as either.

  3. What a bunch of immature bitches. Some of them are strutting around in tiny bikinis that show their entire assess and titties and they focus on some guy just relaxing in the sun. The guy is hardly fat, especially compared to some of the cow women in the video. Grow up!

  4. I am sorry but I have to completely agree, speedos, wrong! Even if you have the most toned buff body they still look wrong, I guess a homo can almost get away with them because they do just look so camp, but I guess that is the general mindset or fashion these days anyway, such mongs! And the same for fat birds in bikinis, why!? You wear them to show off and display the assets you have, so clearly fat people cannot really be proud of their assets, just lazy selfish fatties.

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