Another new video : The Naked Brothers Band Then and Now 2016 , hope you like and enjoy this Nickelodeon video !
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Thanks for watching !


  1. Why was that the picture you choose for allie….like, there were much better picture of her but a sexy one had to be the proper one..? Bro..

  2. I enjoy the vid but goddamn im triggered that you didnt play crazy car as the song. Missed opportunities smh

  3. To think Nat went went from being in one of my favorite shows to being in the objectively bad death note movie..nooooo

  4. Going to sound a little weird but watching the naked brothers band as a kid inspired me to start playing the drums and even start my own band. I've played drums for 9 years now and was in the same rock band for 6 years. Crazy how kids TV shows can lead to that.

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