This is the Official Top Ten Hottest Guys List of 2009!

10th – Chris Pine -(Star Trek)

9th – Channing Tatum -(Step up, GI Joe)

8th – Brian Georinger -(Fashion Model)

7th – Nick Bateman – (Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein)

6th- Ryan Reynolds – (X men, Blade 3)

Kellan Lutz – (Twilight Saga)

4th- Zac Efron – (Highschool Musical)

3rd- Jensen Eckles – (Supernatural, My Bloody Valentine)

2nd- Robert Pattinson – ( Edward Twilight Saga)

1st- Taylor Lautner – (Shark Boy, Jacob Twilight Saga)

Taylor Lautner wins this one!! or does he??

Music is United States Of POP- Mash up of- Lil Wayne Coldplay Jordan Sparks Pink Katy Perry Timbaland plus more

This is The Sexiest Hottest Most Smoking Guys Boys or Men of 2009! ENJOY GIRLS


  1. Why is Nick Bateman in 7, come on, he is way hotter than Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner who have the first two places

  2. wtf' zac efron is hot??? you kidding me euwww …. why don't put Chris hemswhort he's real hottie

  3. you are seriosly !! how can be Ryan Reynolds is hotter than Nick Bateman …..and why Robert Pattison (because he was a vampire in a movie ) ..i don't believe it .
    Nick Bateman is the hottest man in the world and he is the number one in this video . this is what I think (always).

  4. Nick Bateman is the hottest man alive, we all know that, and his amazing personality just tops it off, it makes him a thousand times better than anyone else

  5. Nick Bateman….I have his back! Best looking man in the world…said from a dude, not fancying dudes that helps kids that can't read good…..

  6. That is 2009 but for me Nick Bateman is the sexiest until now,Channing tatum is a bit chubby,Chris Evans is also sexy

  7. Oh, my God! This is hilarious!! Robert Pattison? really?? eewww … what the heck! and when his picture showed up, I just died laughing … he looked like he was trying so hard to show his non-existent abs in his twig-like body… Now I'm sure this was posted by a teenager twilight fan… gawd! Nick Bateman and Jensen Ackles are waaaayyy hotter than the top 2! … And why is Ian Somerhalder not here? P.S. Ryan Reynolds? Seriously? eewww

  8. First of all, where the fuck is Ian Somerhalder ?? Second, Taylor pig shit nose ain't even a pintch cute. Wow he got a 6 pack?? How many people in the fuckin world do??? He's fuckin ugly ass face looks like a raccoon with a huge ass pigs,nose!! Like,come on bro,if anything, he should be showing off his little 6 pack, to his fat ass father.Then, maybe he can form some!! LMFAO!! Give it up son! 🙂

  9. Sorry in my opinion Ian somerhalder Beats them all. not that thease guys arn't hot but Ian is perfection.

  10. @riley12366 That is literally exactly what i was thinking, although i absolutely love kellan lutz! the other guys wer hott too! but wats with effron and pattinson?

  11. Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz!! I love me some Twilight Guys! Robert Pattinson can go die in a hole! TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!

  12. Everyone has different opinions of hot and not, This is some really great pictures of some really hot guys, personally I think there ALL freaking sexy, good job and thanks for posting.

  13. i totally guessed #1 and got it right!

    though the second one… idk his face is hot but like he doesnt rrly have any muscle if u know what i mean…

    and channing tatum shouldve been higher uppp

  14. hey cagetheangelz what the fuck is wrong with you ok i get it dylan o brien is hot but taylor is hott zac and robert can suck my butt hole but hey dont hate on taylor

  15. robert pattinson, zac efron and taylor launter…definite no no, i mean cmon what IAN SOMERHALDER, JARED LETO AND DYLAN O`BRIEN!

  16. so i have short hair, a six pack, blue eyes, and a decent tan. so why the hell am i not on this list?

  17. I'm sorry haters, but I'm was a twilight fan in 2009 and I still think that Rob is hot, when he is in pictures (when he isn't himself). There just is something in him …

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