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  1. It must have been at least 20 years since I've seen this… Never thought of it again til I started watching the trailer… and remember it as if it has only been yesterday.

  2. OMG, NO WAY. The original is GREAT psychedelic eye candy from start to finish, with a LOT of Picasso thrown in, too, LOL

    However, not to burst anybody's bubble, but I am holding my breath though,that it doesn't turn out to be live-action flops like Yogi Bear, the Grinch, and Cat in the Hat. Not only were Chuck Jones and Dr. Seuss were always lifelong friends, but Jones' genius really DID shine in the original. It really would be a total letdown if the remake turned out the same way.

  3. Our teacher traveled to Australia for 4 days but while we had her class, she sent our sub the link to this movie. After we finished it we got an e-mail from her saying "Did you like the movie? I didn't. That's why I sent it to you little monsters". I love my teacher.

  4. I saw this when i was a kid in the late 80s, Ive been looking for this movie for over 20 years, this is such a great movie!

  5. I read the book in 5th grade and loved every minute of it. I had no idea this animated movie existed. Where can I see it?

  6. the 2013 movie better be good. I hope the make it like the Alice in wonderland movie cuz this is my favorite book

  7. Read this last year,what great memories.
    Rare to come along books that have a "Wonderland" feel to them anymore.

  8. @fictionchic Actually, I kind of liked Fievel Goes West, it was cute. But yeah, Titan A.E. was the best. I'll agree with you on that.

  9. @uknownada Unfortunately, Don Bluth's last film was back in 2000, "Titan AE." He went out with a major bang (regardless that that film was a box office flop!). I would love to see something in this new degraded pop culture directed by him; I know he'd stick to the style that made his films famous. *And yes, all the sequels I have seen to D.B. films are beyond terrible (with the exception of "Feivel Goes West"). This would be just the thing for Bluth to re-imagine.

  10. FUN MOVIE, great eye candy!!! =-) However, in spite of the trailer, it's downright sad MGM lacked the financial resources to promote the film because they were on the verge of bankruptcy throughout the 1960's.

  11. If there really is going to be a movie based on this book in 2013, then it had better be good, or be directed by Don Bluth.

  12. Fantastic Trip indeed!?……….THANKYOU,THANKYOU,THANKYOU so much for adding this vid. Ya see,I`m in my 40`s now,and saw this when I was aged about 10???
    Thought it brilliant at the time…..forgot the title! Never seen it since.Then aged 19 dropped some acid, and saw some of the characters from the film!….Freaky,thought I`d imagined it.(the film)??? Cheers

  13. i loved that film when i was a kid! i havent seen it since i was like 6, and could not for the life of me remember what it was called, until about 10 minutes ago, when i saw a youtube comment about it :p lol

  14. I actually saw this movie in 1970 as a kid! Where did you find this trailer? First movie I ever saw in a theater.

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