Australian Track Athletes Got Married

Australia is celebrating some of the first same-sex marriages after the country’s citizens and legislature decided to vote yes for marriage equality.

Today, we get to share one of those recently wed couples with all of you.

Craig Burns and Luke Sullivan are the specific couple we’re talking about in this post.

The two were so happy to hear that marriage equality had been legalized in their country that they straight out skipped the engagement part of the process (though, they did make time for the proposal video found down below) and quickly got hitched.

The two got married on an estate in New South Wales and were watched by 50 guests as they tied the knot, kissed the groom, and started their journey together as a married couple.

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The two men, who are both track stars, shared with Outsports their joy to be finally getting married.

“It’s another way to show your love and appreciation of your partner in front of the people in your life,” Burns said. Sullivan said he has been bombarded with well-wishes on his social media.

”It’s been the opposite of anything bridezilla — they have been a dream team,” she said.

That said, there was not a lot of time to celebrate and almost no time to have a honeymoon as the two have to gear up to get ready for another sports event.

Burns and Sullivan will be participating in the Commonwealth Games, so they decided to hold off on their honeymoon until the training and actual event ends.

That said, they are still enjoying being together, even if it isn’t on some vacation island somewhere.

That’s what’s most important in the end.

If you want to watch the video of the two sharing their first kiss as a married couple, as well as giving an interview after the fact, head over to BBC’s coverage of the joyous event.