Want To Save Your “Love Muscle”?

Want a pair of underwear that looks good but also functions to work on your “love muscle?” Then look no further than the VylyV.

As NewNowNext reports, the VylyV is a new “training” underwear that focuses on the pelvic floor in order to help your prostate’s health and strengthen your erections.

The underwear company is promising to keep the pelvic floor strong and strengthen the muscles in that area, which they say will then greatly improve your sex life.

The way that the underwear does this is by having a built-in sensor that monitors the contractions of muscles going on in your pants.

That sensor is then synced to your phone through an app and will give you a workout plan of how many times you should be flexing your lower muscles to keep everything in top shape.

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So essentially, this is a pair of underwear that’s connected to an app that will tell you how times you need to kegels throughout your day.

As basic as our description of the device may sound, the company swears that in a month you’ll be able to “raise the angle and increase the hardness of your erection.” Then they say in six months your prostate will be in great health and you’ll be able to “unlock the secret to multiple orgasms.”

Does this underwear with an app sound like something you’d buy in order to save your “love muscle” or will you stick to just doing kegels while sitting at your office desk at your own discretion?