If I know you guys well enough, and I believe I do, you’re going to appreciate this impressive collection of photos featuring handsome and incredibly fit model Thomas Mora and you’re likely to want a lot more of him too.

I don’t know where this man has been hiding for the last few years but I’m glad someone sent me a couple of pics and started me off on a treasure hunt this morning! I actually didn’t find a whole lot about this handsome hunk, so I can only assume that he’s either new to the modeling business or he’s not very prolific and does it part time. If the latter is the case then brands like L’Homme Invisible need to have him posing for them a lot more in the future.

Honestly, there are plenty of men out there with amazing bodies, but this guy might have the perfect build. He’s not too big, no ink, just a little hair in the right places, incredible definition… I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you have to admit that this man is pretty damn fine looking!

I only have one complaint about this shoot, and that’s that he’s not wearing anything other than this pattern, and we want to see more of him posing in different styles (preferably a few shots of him naked!)

Let me know in the comments what you guys think of him, and have a fab Thursday! Can you believe it’s almost the weekend already? Where does the time go?