how did you know that you’re gay?

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  1. I think I slept with women to lie to myself and try convince myself I wasn’t gay because at the time I didn’t want to be.
    I could get it up sober but rarely drunk.
    Never had that problem with a guy!

  2. I enjoyed the feeling, just not a few things

    Her long blonde hair

    Her moaning

    I’m not interested in boobies

    And at the time, couldn’t be be bothered to want to actually see her pussy.

    I had to think about dudes to keep myself up and to finish the job because of the above. It was distracting and awkward for me.

    I thought I was bi before me and her dated, but I knew immediately after our first time that I was 100% gay.

  3. Used to think I was bi. Then I slept with a guy and it was amazing. It made all of the sex I had with women seem dull and boring in comparison.

  4. I dated a girl while in delile about beeing gay. I allways jokingly say “i kissed a girl and i didnt like it”

  5. I slept with women initially, then men and women, then men exclusively.

    What I noticed, all in the effort to figure out who I am, was that sex with women always felt awkward. I was always self conscious. I was not overly attracted to the female form… the overall anatomy was just not something that drove me wild.

    Once I slept with a guy, it was mind blowing, and just felt right in every way. I felt like I finally understood what it’s all about.

    After I slept with guys, I slept with a few women just to understand that more in my new sexual context. It was better, but didn’t change my feelings too much.

    This, along with many other data points, led me to the conclusion that I’m gay, or at least mostly gay. The term homoflexible sits well with me.

  6. I’m still a gay virgin, so the only sex I’ve had is with my ex-wife (I come from a very religious background, etc). So how do I know I’m gay?

    – When I first watched porn at 14, I was thoroughly grossed out by the women’s parts, but focusing on the guys practically made me cum in my pants.

    – When we were dating, I enjoyed making out with my wife. She was gorgeous and smelled nice. When I first got my hands on my her boobs, I expected it to be erotic, but it was an instant turnoff. When I saw her vagina, I thought “yuck! How am I ever going to get used to that thing?”

    – I’ve been physically close to both sexes enough to know that my body gets nervous with females, even when I think they are beautiful. I remember as a teen being laying on a couch watching TV with a girl I thought was attractive. I felt trapped and uncomfortable and didn’t understand why. Another time, however, a guy on my dorm thought it would be funny to lay down on my back—I think he thought I would be homophobic and jump up. I thought I would, too, but instead my whole body involuntarily relaxed. It felt so comfortable, so right—like a puzzle piece fitting together. (After a few moments, jumped off and accused me of being gay.)

    Anyway, those are just some everyday examples without even needing to have sex with a guy.

  7. I’ve always liked women. In every stage of life I have always had deeply intimate friendships with women and with lesbians as well. I also come from a time before the internet, and before gay news press, etc. I remember the Stonewall riot happening, and got involved protesting Anita Bryant. Back then there just was no information. If you came from a rural zone where the whole world insisted gays wanted to be women and have sex with children, it was easy to think you weren’t gay even when you were.

    Back then, before I figured it out, I had sex with a pretty wide spread of women. I just don’t fall in love with them. I have heard of my straight friends watching a porn film, and wanking off together. They are just friends enjoying each other’s company, but not really into each other at all. That is how it was with the girls.

    Eventually, while in training in the Air Force, I met my first lover. I know it sounds corny, but with the first kiss, I knew. It was a completely different universe than the women. I believe orientation turns on who gets in your heart, and not who gets in your pants.

  8. I was gay before I slept with my best girl friend. I was gay after as well! I was curious. It was not bad. Boobs are pretty cool

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