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  1. Total disgrace. Is either gay or had balls clipped off. A man should work and provide for his family. Anything else is a bullshit excuse.

  2. This is one of the most disgusting and misandristic things I've ever seen against men. Dad-Mom: the ultimate cuckold.

    Welp, I'm never buying Tide products ever.

  3. 0:13
    Did they cut out the part that shows his masculinity? Because I sure as hell didn't see one ounce of it in this commercial.

  4. "Hi.  I'm Dad Mom.  I really like hanging around the house all day while my wife goes to work and fucks real men.  Also, I really like Tide because it's the only detergent I've found that gets cum stains off of blue and white striped collared shirts."

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