Tokyo Red Light District, day and night view, Tokyo’s wildest nightlife in Kabukicho, the hart of Shinjuku, Japan. Give me a little bit your love 😉 become a patron- SUBSCRIBE – 😀
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  1. This makes my heart sad. I think of Japan as this beautiful innocent culture rich place. And this type of stuff just throws dirt on a perfectly serene country. It’s not needed and it seems so out of place. Please tell me I’m wrong, as I’m looking to book Japan for the first time very soon. ♥️

  2. IT looks realy like yakuza 0 PS4, ?. I would love to go there, have some fights in the street and than sexy massage ?

  3. if your ever on the run from cops come to the red light district there a brothel which is open 24 7 where cute girls wear yukata and kimono and they do a great job of hiding you on the moring

  4. News flash you don't get to have sex with the girl's you only get to drink as much alcohol as you want and play feet fights, sorry guy's. ?????

  5. All the porn is censored you can’t see pennies or vagina. Most of the sex placed don’t accept foreigners . But japan is best for innocent tourism. Lots of activities and things to do

  6. When I went to Japan in 1953 a short time was 100 yen which was at the time 25 cents.Japan was still an occupied country.Gen McAuther was the supreme commander.

  7. I can not hear ~ is hearing impaired
    I envy Japan
    I like Japan
    I was born in Taiwan … more and more really shame

  8. so over here  we have a place that don't have black people groups as well as them sagging pants,aside that old white women complaining about every little things, Hispanic that try to act cool by wearin all that preppy clothes that there momma bought yepp my kinda place

  9. the street is beautifully decorated. But it is deadly quiet even at night. There are no foreigners, just japanese who are not interested in sex walking around.

  10. I spent 14 years in Okinawa, it did not have much if a red light district for American military. it was cheap, sleezy and nasty. and that's out if Kadena gate 2. Naha was a good place but limited unless you had a Okinawan or Japanese escort.

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