Hey guys i need some advice; back in december 2017 i had oral sex for the first time. i sucked a dick (normal sized,the deepthroating session was a little intense i must say.), some rimming,kissing,pis (yes in my mouth). After 2 days i felt sick, flu like symptoms with a sore/infected throat. it hurt when i swallowed. i went to the doctor, he put me on anti biotics for 5 days. it was Amoxicillin (capsules). AFter taking those, the flu symptoms were gone in 2 days and my throat did not hurt anymore. although the back of my throat was still red,you could see blood vessels. my tonsills were red too and there were very vew white spots on them. when i finished the Amoxicillin my throat started to hurt again after 2 days so i returned to the doctor. he put me on some anti alergy medication Cetirizine for a few days, that did not help so i went again. this time i got a 7 days dose of Doxycycline.My throat stopped hurting almost within 24 hours of this medicine, but tonsils and back of throat remained red. i did not tell the doctor about my oral stuff back in dec, but i did take an HIV/STI test a few days ago. HIV,VDRL,TPHA,HbsAg,Trichomonas are all negative. i’m still waiting for gonorrhea and chlamydia results. after googling a while i found out that Gonnorrhea and chlamydia could be treated using antibiotics. but why are my tonsils/throat still red? i took a look today and they are still red with some visible white spots on tonsils. they do not hurt when swallowing etc. something weird is that my tounge appears to have jagged edges. google revealed this to be a scalloped tounge.

anyone experience something like this before?


  1. Hi,

    You were given the right medicine and you are being treated for STI Sexual Transmitted Infectious (the new name for STD). I would recommend gargling with warm water and salt. Also mouth wash few times a day. The white spot will remain until the infection is cleared and you finish the Doxy antibiotics. Make sure you finish all the pills regardless if you feel better if you don’t the infection will return and you will have to take stronger antibiotics which I don’t recommend getting on. Your STI test result will be given to you in about a week as it requires time for the bacteria to grow at the lab being tested. I don’t recommend any sexual contact with anyone until you completely feel better. Also ask before your oral sex with anyone you plan to and you should look for sign on the other person parts as they are visible. The person you were in contact wasn’t honest to you. You will be fine since you caught it on time and you will feel better in the next few days.

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