Top 10 Beautiful Disney boys and Girls. Disney star Guy is brought to you by disney princess. This List of the stars include
Zac Efron
David Hanrie
Leo Howard
Jake T Austin
Cameron Boyce
Sterling Knight
Joe Jonas
Nick Jonas
Peyton Meyer
Ross Lynch

Some of the girls are in this List are the Disney Channel Star Girls who whose age is below 18 or can also be called Most beautiful disney girls under 18. Beautiful disney channel stars are Sexiest and very hot. The are Pretty Girls With or without Makeup. From Peyton List of Jessie to Dove Cameron of Descendants, all the girls are Very rich girls from disney. Not only The Richest Disney stars they have expensive hobbies as well, subscribe to check out our next video top 10 disney couples and top 10 most expensive disney girl cars. 10 beautiful girls from Disney are listed as Top 10 hottest Disney channel Girls. Prettiness of girls or star comes from their attitude and honesty. Top 10 Sexiest Disney Girls list is below

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Zac Efron isn't that hot??? Like.. he is still attractive and everything but I think he's a bit overrated…

  2. Why am I watching this till the end I Dino it's pretty boring but I want to know who they are. why I don't know . maybe couse I have no life

  3. Remember your comments when they hit 40 and 50: looks fade, Six Packs get buried among the other 24, and Gravity pulls downward. Things sag, wrinkles set in, flab happens. Now y'all have a real nice day, hear??

  4. I REALLY agree in the video about Jake T. Austin, Sterling Knight' and the best ZAC EFRON!!!!! ( and the sprouse twins if they were in the list)??

  5. It's funny how this list has Zac Efron as first but Corbin Bleu isn't second…But that's not my business tho ??

  6. I don't know why everyone thinks Zach Have fun so cute when he looks like a disgusting guy today

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