Top 10 Best Looking Guys from RuPaul’s Drag Race // Subscribe:

Some of these queens may be pure fish, but out of drag they’re hot dudes! Zavion Davenport aka Chi Chi Devayne, Jason Carrion aka April Carrion, Sutan Amrull aka Raja, Andy Trinidad aka Lineysha Sparx, James Leyva aka Valentina, David Petruschin aka Ravin, Danny Noriega aka Adore Delano, and Daniel Donigan aka Milk are some of hottest guys that have been on RuPaul’s Drag Race!

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  1. Ummmm excuse moi? Phi phi (though i hate her, i gotta admit she's the hottest when she's out of drag)? Carmen!? IVY WINTERS????? WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE RAJA OVER CARMEN FOR FUCKS SAKE (just to be clear, she slays, but as much as I love her, Carmen's face is so much more beautiful) Also Willam and OH GOD WHY THE HECK ISN'T IVY THERE I'M FREAKING OUT

  2. Why does EVERYONE ignore Max? he was beautiful in and out of drag. Ans as adorable as DeLa, and as androgynous as Violet, and as fucking tall as Milk (they're friends by the way, their photos together, out of drag, are to die for)

  3. Raja and Naomi Smalls did something weird to me. Like I was attracted to them both in and out of drag but insanely attracted to them in drag and found myself obsessed with them, not taking my eyes off of them throughout their series.
    Out of drag, Bianca, Sharon, Trixie, Katya and Shangela do it for me. Yara Sofia is another who have me sexual confusion, absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Yeah! Milk and Pearl are the hottest queens out of drag ?? I think Katya (Brian) deserved a spot on this list, he's cute in and out of drag ?

  5. I expected no one else other than Daniel to be number one in this list! So sad that he had to leave all stars 3 so soon, cause I was literally enjoying myself watching his beauty out of drag.. He's just one hell of a hot guy!

  6. "We all […] empathized with the sweetheart"
    to begin with that, don't drag me into this MsMojo cause Chi Chi was and is not my cup of tea

    also, Chi Chi but not Sharon Needles?? how

  7. Pearl might be attractive but that's about all that's she's got going for herself. She's very boring and bland in person. I've never met Milk in person like I have with Pearl but from what I've gathered just by watching the show she seems to be one of those queens who thinks that they're better than everyone else. Miss Fame is also a good looking man.

  8. No shade but really!?? Milk at #1? What about Ivy Winters, Shangela, Alexis Mateo, Roxxxy Andrews, Gia Gunn, Phi Phi O'Hara, Manilla Luzon and Miss Fame?

  9. Jason, Andy, Alexander, and Alex I don’t think should be on here they aren’t that good looking and milk she only looks cute when she doesn’t do her manly drag but even when she doesn’t some of her drag still isn’t cute and I’m disappointed that Farrah moan, Courtney act, and Tatianna aren’t on this list

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