This is just my opinion 😉 Hope you like it 😀 !


  1. Serisouly… Justin bieber….made me puke why I was watching this thx guys✌ fr I thought it was gonna be ian somerhalder or zak efron or something but nooo it was justin bieber. Like Thx alot. No I'm blind and crap.

  2. Yes justin Bieber is number one again yay I love you justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If u guys don't like Justin then get lost and leave my idol alone!! He did nothing to you!

  4. How the hell did Justin Bieber get on the list and Harry Styles only got number 5!? Poop! No offense to beliebers.

  5. Thumbs up For THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE AKA JUSTIN BIEBER and Ryan Gosling should've been included and most of the people who say that Justin bieber is ugly or shouldn't be number are actually undercover MEN lol

  6. Justin should of been third, channing tatum 2cd and Taylor Lautner first!! How the hell does Justin place over these two? lol im guessing your in between the ages of 13-16. Lol but ur opinion. 🙂

  7. JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT GAY!!!!!!! PEOPLE! SHUT UP! YOU GUYS ARE JUST JEALOUS!!! BE A BELIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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