Can’t sleep? Me neither. 🙂 Maybe watching this video about things that keep me awake at night will help. ~~~Links:~~~ Jazz song➤ …

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  1. pfft youtube takes it only from the popular people like you so what is the matter for unpopular people? theyre UNPOPULAR like me

  2. wait, if a fractal has an unlimited perimeter then how did they draw it?

    knock knock knock

  3. im the one that has skool tomorrow and cant sleep….. and when you were talking about the microorganism thing….. i got an allergic reaction from just thinking about it!?

  4. That mathematics got me like whaaaat the fuuuckkkkk i wish i'm that super good in math i'm just good at it but not super goood

  5. Wait…Does that mean I'm more likely to die? Or I'm an odd one out because I'm left handed?! Illuminati confirmed.

  6. Me: One word of helpful advice, get to sleep.
    Random 6 year old on the internet: That's 3 words!!!!!!?


  7. Hi james!
    I need inspiration for my future videos
    PS i named myself after you jaiden and adam
    Some = SomeThingElseYT
    Odd = TheOdd1sOut
    Animations = JaidenAnimations
    Plz take notice of this post

  8. What keeps me up at night is just imagining if my family,friends and pets all died because if there not there what is the point?

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