We live in a weird, image-based world, and, whether you like it or not, images are most likely to stick to your mind. No, we’re not superficial. It’s just that humans are able to recall a painting or a photograph much easier (and faster) than a whole script or a passage from a book. And it makes sense.

Anyway, all this introduction was just a sophisticated way to let you know that, today, we’re going to be taking a look at the steamiest, hottest gay scenes in the history of television. Time to …let the games begin!


The Hottest Gay Scenes on TV

Before we begin, we need to state the obvious. Scenes with two men getting romantically involved (sic) are not that new. However, it was not until recently when the television world broke all taboos and decided that there’s some room for us too, and started showing more skin.

This is exactly why most of the scenes you’re about to witness are not from the 90s or the early 00s. but quite new, to be honest. There you go!

12. The one with Connor and some random guy – “How To Get Away With Murder”

Connor has been one of the hottest gay characters for a long time. This “How To Get Away With Murder” star, has played a starring role in more wet dreams than a human brain can really process. In this scene, however, he gave the performance of his life when he found himself under the sheets with this hot, random guy whose name should be written in big letters in the episode’s opening credits.

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Well done Connor. Well played.

11. The one with Kevin and Patrick – “Looking”

“Looking” did not deserve this end. Anyways. Back to the point.

Patrick was a leading character in “Looking” and his partners also took a lot of screen time in the show. No one, however, overshadowed Kevin Matheson, Patrick’s boss and super hot love interest. This guy has it all: a great smile, cute eyes, lovely body, plus an English accent.

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And Kevin? He’s always been one of my favorites.

10. All scenes of Brian and Justin – “Queer as Folk”

There’s no love story greater than the one of Brian’s and Justin’s. I know these guys had many (AND I MEAN MANY) ups and downs but this doesn’t mean that this wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love that “Queer as Folk” fans still worship like a god.

If you are in your early 30s, take a trip down the memory lane by watching the video above. If you’re too young to remember this, it’ll fill you in.

Ah, l’amour…

9. The one with Jason and Warlow – “True Blood”

“True Blood” has given us some really monumental gay moments. One of them was this one with Jason (whom you’re going to run into below again) and a random vampire. As it turned out it was just a wet dream. You see, vampire blood has some weird side effects and when humans drink it, they get wet dreams.

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I could use some of that.

8. The one(s) with Danny and Ethan – “Teen Wolf”

This is not one of the couples I personally ship –maybe because I’m not a real fan of the show. However, this is a great couple and, as I realized after some research, it’s 100 percent romantic and cute. And who doesn’t love romantic and cute?

Okay, don’t answer that.

7. The one with Agron and Nasir – “Spartacus”

Armors, leather, sweat, muscles, testosterone… Sounds like an adult movie script, right? But it isn’t.

It’s simply this amazing “Spartacus” love scene between Argon, the German soldier, and Nasir, a hot Syrian slave. This couple isn’t just easy on the eyes but they also share an incredibly romantic story-line which has kept all of “Spartacus” fans hooked.

Highlight scene? The one in which Nasir tells Agron: “Do you believe you fuck as a God now?” And Agron responds: “I boast but upon evidence given.”

6. The one with Zero and Jude – “Hit The Floor”

What’s with all these VH1 series? They all feature hot gay scenes all the time and I’ve never watched a single one of them. Anyway.

“Hit The Floor” was a 4-season-long TV series zeroing in on the Los Angeles Devils, a fictional professional basketball team. That’s all I know. But we shouldn’t really care because the gay couple in the series, Zero and Jude, are among the hottest gay couples we’ve ever seen on TV.

And their first …close encounter was in a closet. When, at the time, Zero was in a romantic relationship with a girl. Get it? Brilliant direction.

5. The one with Harrison and Jack – “American Horror Story: Cult”

“American Horror Story” has offered us many sexy gay scenes over the years it’s been airing. The seventh season of “AHS” featured four primary gay characters (2 men and 2 women), and a lunatic guy who had sex with everyone so he could form a special bond as a cult recruitment method. Splendid!

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In this scene, Harrison and Jack are really busy as Sarah Paulson is stealing their keys so she can escape. The question is… would you want to escape that cult?

4. The one with Mr. Gallant and The Rubberman – “American Horror Story: Apocalypse”

The Rubberman is one of the most iconic figures in “American Horror Story.” And if you watch this scene you’ll immediately understand why.

In this episode of “AHS: Apocalypse,” all hell has broken loose. The world has literally ended and only a few people have lived to tell the story. But Evan Peters’ character, Mr. Gallant, just misses sex. And there The Rubberman comes.

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Oh, and Mr. Gallant’s grandmother, Joan Collins.

3. The one with the whole Sense8 cast – “Sense8”


What can we say about “Sense 8?”

One in ten scenes is all about sex and hotness. This one must be the best. There aren’t many details I need to dive into. It’s just sex. Period.

2. The one with Jinn and Salim – “American Gods”

This is a perfect example of how you can turn a sex scene into a true masterpiece. Jinn is a god. Salim is a mortal. The result is beyond imagination.

However, since this video is on YouTube, there’s a lot of censorship in the way and I would suggest that you search Google for the actual, original scene. Believe me. You want to watch it.

1. The one with Eric and Jason – “True Blood”

Ah. I don’t know what to write about this hot duo. Do you remember this “True Blood” episode when Jason was wondering about his sexuality after he had a hot dream of Eric, the vampire of our hearts? Again, it was just a supernatural side effect of humans drinking vampire blood.

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It doesn’t matter, though, cause it gave us one of the most iconic gay sex scenes ever. Also, where do we find Eric’s vampire blood again? I’m asking for a friend.