After a gay couple is banned from an East Texas restaurant, Daniel helps them finance their own eating establishment.

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  1. I've came to the conclusion a long time ago that people are so awful I dont care what they do as long as they dont try to stab me

  2. Being from East Texas (Rusk Co) I do have to declare, this is the best darn episode of Tosh I ever did see!!

  3. they shared some french toast, get the F over it. What kind of 10,000 BC neanderthals would turn down money. And fuck your town if you think their presence will cost you other customers business. There insanely bigger issues to tackle than this nonsense of not serving certain people in america..

  4. Fuck I hope that little blond bitch get raped and gets dumped in a dich naked with the rest of the trash

  5. Big Earl's daughter is just pissed off that no amount of makeup's going to makeup for those tiny, beady eyes and weak chin … she's just mad that the guys would rather date each other than her.

  6. Aspiring singer song writer….. LOSER !!
    Should have called the restaurant white fagville USA…

  7. This video offends me greatly. On behalf of all good Christians, take your damn hat of when you pray tosh.

  8. Leave it to gays to make it huge issue. Just don’t go there! But see, gays much like blacks love the controversy. If gays truly had equality, they would lose their flair and culture.

  9. It was funny but WAY off point! Texas(my home state) is badass! You'll find this kind of shit , in almost any state ! Suck it Tosh.bl0w

  10. She doesn't need to be working the cashier for money she could just rent ad space on that huge forehead of hers

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