The Boys are back with a poolside podcast! Ricky discusses the high points of 1948, and we learn what woodpeckers are REALLY doing to your trees. Plus: while attempting to speak Portuguese, Ricky may have accidentally summoned the second coming of Jesus Christ. Watch the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast at!


  1. holy fuck. there's a squid that lives forever? why we not injecting dna or some shit from them for breakfast. lol this shit so funny

  2. I see the kangaroooOOO000oo in you. Lewis Black would love that one… Angry how basic to ignore such a word, angry I tell you.

  3. hey trailer park boys me and my family love u guys yall are so cool and please keep making episodes i hope yall keep making episodes yall are so funny

  4. i have been a fan for over a Decade , and been here on youtube for 6 years.
    i just found out about this Trailer Park Boys Pod cast Today

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