Asian massage parlours are fake (just like her accent).

She is an overweight american who wishes she was Filipino. And ends up looking ridiculous.

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  1. The only thing I would want as an extra service is to get my balls stepped on really hard by an Asian Massage lady. Hand jobs and blow jobs are simple and most people enjoy that. I enjoy having my balls stepped on and that is one extra service I would love to happen to me because all over women are very afraid to do it to me no matter how much I tell them it does not hurt me.

  2. Bitch stfu
    No one wants to Fuck yo Nasty ? Diseased Ass
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  3. This stupid bitch just wants dudes to stay on her stupid ass cam site and pay to jack off to her ugly ass

  4. She thinks she is smart. Anyone who even takes an ID to a massage place is nuts. If they ask for ID, ask them for theirs. In most states massage establishments, the legal and the not so legal are required to have licenses displayed and name tags worn. Rule of thumb. Go to one that offers what you want and has good reviews. I live in a medium sized city of a half a million and almost all the massage joints give full service, but the ones that rip people off get busted and run out of business. If possible, take a money clip and no id. They want your money. I have never been even asked for one. If they do, say adios.

  5. nice titties, just put some alluminum foil inside the sleeve of your wallet so your cc can't get detected.

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