Josh Watson as Leonidas in 300 cosplay in cape & loinclith holding a shield (by Alex Wightman)
This! Is! Sparta! UK fitness model Josh Watson as Leonidas in this 300-themed photo shoot by Alex Wightman.

Move over Gerard Butler! If Josh Watson knocked on my door on Halloween looking like this, and said, “Trick or treat?” I’d hide the candy and dare him to give me a trick. 😜 But does the back of this costume show under butt like it did for Michael Fassbender? That last photo down there is how I’m feeling right now. 👇🏼

Bodybuilder Josh Watson in a cape & loincloth as Leonidas from 300
Josh Watson cosplaying Leonidas from 300, cape blowing in the breeze
Josh Watson as Leonidas in 300 cosplay holding his phallic sword (by Alex Wightman)

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