Troy Dumais diving.


  1. He isnt stuffing his speedo. I have the same suit in black and white. I look the same way when I wear mine, these are extremely tight and taut speedos, and they actually exert pressure towards the body which has a mild flattening effect. It doesnt hurt, it actually is a better suit because it streamlines and supports somewhat. I will also say, it also contours your ass, I get a lot of compliments when I wear mine. It is really tight fabric

  2. I'm surprised his speedos can keep it in. It must be pretty uncomfortable for him. Does he have to wear two speedos to contain it?

  3. My friend uses a padded thing in his speedo every time he goes to Miami and looks exactly the same way, perfectly round. You can not see the contour of his penis, head or which way is leaning. Some guys get this padding piece for Superhero costumes, speedos or when wearing spandex with no underwear. But if you know very well the shape of male anatomy, you'll know it doesn't look natural even if he has big balls. I am 99% he is using something. Just look the rest of the divers. Maybe he is small.

  4. Troy Dumais is a hot, sexy piece of man, especially in speedos! Troy Dumais has an enormous bulge in his speedos! Does Troy Dumais have a flotation device in his speedos or is his bulge just that HUGE!

  5. I totally wish I had his body, his power and his diving ability. So jealous. He is so amazing. What is his secret??

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