Troyve Sivan’s & Fischerspooner’s Erotic Music Videos

We’re here to share two NSFW gay music videos with you all.

The first comes from South African born but Australian raised singer Troye Sivan. Sivan was openly gay the moment his first album debuted. In fact, many of the songs were dedicated to themes like gay teen love, wanting to grow up and settle down with a man, and self-acceptance.

But, its Sivan’s latest song that’s getting lots of naughty buzz.

“My My My” is Sivan’s latest single that’s preparing his fans for a new album later in the spring.

Sivan says that the new single is allowing him to express himself in a way he hasn’t done before publicly.

“My My My!’ is a song of liberation, freedom, and love,” says Sivan. “Throw all inhibition to the wind, be present in your body, love wholeheartedly, move the way you’ve always wanted to, and dance the way you feel—hopefully even to this song!”

And it seems everyone’s excited to see the singer express his sexuality through the lithe body shaking, hints to gay cruising, and inclusion of gay porn star Brody Blomqvist.

You can check out “My My My” down below.

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But that’s not the only music video we have to share with you all. The next one comes from New York duo Fischerspooner.

The duo, who hit moderate success in the early 2000s with their electroclash music, have been on hiatus since 2009. But last summer, they announced that they would be coming out with a new album.

While we wait for the album, which is being produced by REM’s Michael Stipe, to come out next month, Fischerspooner decided to release a music video for the track Top Brazil.

The video depicts what can only be described as a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) party of semi-naked and very sexual proportions.

You can check out the video down below.

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