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Two suspected in custody.

Northwest Florida Daily News is reporting that two men have been arrested in connection with a robbery of a male victim at gunpoint.

The suspects allegedly used Grindr to lure the victim to their location. One of the suspects is 19 and the other is 21.

The Panama City Police Department (PCPD) state that the victim was invited over to the suspects home. Once he arrived, he was attacked.

PCPD shares that one of the alleged robbers pulled out a black and green handgun and pointed it at the victim while the other suspect rifled through his pockets.

As reported by NWF Daily News, both suspects admitted to the robbery during questioning by police. Panama City cops also recovered the firearm from the scene after obtaining a search warrant.

While being questioned during the investigation, officers recognized the 19-year old as a suspect in a July 2017 robbery of a local food mart. Reportedly, the suspect has admitted to this crime as well.

Grindr Hookups

In November of last year, GPB reported Chicago Police had arrested two suspects who used Grindr to lure and rob nine men as part of a crime spree.

The website Paired Life offers ten specific tips gay men should consider when using gay dating apps. These include meeting in a public place and informing friends of your whereabouts.

“At least for the initial meeting, it is strongly encouraged that you meet at a public place. Examples include a café, a bar or even a supermarket. Do not invite the person to your home and do not give out your home address,” reports Paired Life.

Other suggestions include not agreeing to meet someone unless a phone conversation happens and paying special attention to any suspicious behaviors.

Last month, Dallas police warned Grindr users that robbers were baiting victims using LGBT dating apps.

They suggest meeting during daytime hours never giving out personal or financial information.

h/t: NWF Daily News