Artem Strogin and Vladimir Stuka danced on the stage almost naked covering themselves with towels.

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  1. Русский/Russia: У меня нет слов…

    Английски/English: I have no words for that… ?

  2. This is FULLY copied from France-two FRANCE GUYS!A banal badly executed fake. Do not you think of it yourself? In Ukraine there is a talent for cheap copying.Fu!

  3. Ukrainians are boring and were probably just coming up with ways to chastise these two men while they did their performance… What every other country who had has this type of performance on their Got Talent show… everyone else laughs and has a sense of humor!

  4. jajaja this is so funny, not their act, the fact that they stole it so casually and performed soooo poorly!!! you suck!!!!

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