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So In today’s video I basically got ready on camera,chatted to you guys and created this peachy makeup look with a gorgeous deep nude lip ♡

(Teenage Boy Doing Makeup) (Makeup Boy) (Boy Full Glam Makeup)
Peachy GLAM Get Ready With Me ♡

Gethins Video//

Products Mentioned + Used ♡

@anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow | Soft Brown+
@benefitcosmetics Goof Proof | 2 ♡
@benefitcosmetics Ready Set Brow ♡

@toofaced Hang Over RX Primer ♡
@benefitcosmeticsuk Porefessional Primer ♡
@toofaced Born This Way Foundation | Ivory ♡
@maccosmeticsuk Pro Long Wear | NC15 ♡
@toofaced Born This Way Concealer | Light ♡
@rcmamakeup No Colour Powder ♡
@katvondbeauty Shade And Light Contour ♡
@benefitcosmetics Hoola Bronzer ♡
@sleekmakeup Highlighting Palette | Solstice ♡
@maccosmetics Soft And Gentle ♡
@kyliecosmetics Burgundy Palette ♡
@maccosmetics Pigment | Tan ♡
@jeffreestarcosmetics Peach Goddess ♡
@benefitcosmetics Roller Lash Mascara ♡
@backstagebeautyuk Lashes Melrose Avenue ♡
@jeffreestarcosmetics Liquid Lip | LEO ♡

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Questions you may have ♡

How old are you? I am 13yrs old ♡
How old is You’re Boyfriend ? He is 14yrs old ♡
Are you a boy or a girl? I am a boy ♡
Are you gay? Yes I am ♡
What camera do you use? Cannon 700D ♡
What editor do you use? iMovie on macbook ♡

Disclaimer – If you don’t like boys putting on makeup please don’t watch this video simple and effective…

Goodbye ♡


  1. I prefer you a lot more than Reuben De Maid, you act real and less fake.
    The only problem I worry about young people putting on make up is the skin issues it can cause. Could also just be puberty but try looking after your skin underneath.

  2. I’m 11 but I’m asking my mum if I can have some eye brow makeup i really don’t know what my mums going to say ?

  3. I think it's great that boys and girls wear makeup technically on makeup products it doesn't say only for girls does it !!!
    If your a boy and you do makeup keep doing it don't listen to other people, it's your life nobody else's .! ❤️
    P.s : this makeup look is amazing✌?️???

  4. You ugly homo … Nobody likes you stop wearing makeup its for girls and your not grown stop trying to act like it get a life

  5. If a grown up woman finds this interesting cause he has better make up, you have a problem really how can you compare

  6. OMG YOU LOOK SOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!! How can you be Gay, Cute and have Swag, All in one?!!! Can i call you a Make-up Prince??

  7. It actually makes me physically sick that people think it's ok that they can bring someone down because of their sexuality. It's not your choice it's there's, makeup is NOT made for girls it's made for anyone who wishes to use it, the people that say it's wrong to be gay are actually thick to think they can control someone's life. It really disgusts me and most over people that some people think that it is forbidden to be gay or for boys to wear makeup, the only difference between women and men is their genititalia, and quite frankly if you are just going to bring kian down for who he is the don't watch his videos simples! I think that kian is AMAZING.. I love his videos and honestly don't see how people can dislike them, but anyways all I'm saying is that no one has a right to bring anyone down we are all different and all unique so what makes it right to point out people's personal lives when there's most probably something extremely personal about you, but the difference is that kian is brave enough to talk about it, are you?

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