1. Not as cheap as you think
2. Your lack of Hungarian will hurt you
3. Taxi Ripoffs
4. Intolerance
5. Bad Service

1. Bath Houses and Spas
2. Castle Hill
3. The Architecture
4. Walking along the Danube
5. Nightlife in Budapest


  1. Another liberal thinking he's a tourist guide? Intolerance? I think you might be referring to patriotism and being proud of who you are and what your country's values are.

  2. Every time being in Budapest i felt extremely unconfortable. Especially the train station is dirty, shabby, unfriendly people, everything broken, and every 5 minutes someone molesting you.

  3. I am Budapest born and this is a pretty accurate assessment of Budapest, especially the remarks about the bad side of Budapest. Re the good side, the presenter missed a few things, including the classical music scene (Liszt Academy – very cheap very good concerts), the underground music scene, the boho cafes and bars in the Jewish district, and Europe's largest ice skating rink open all winter in the city's biggest and most popular park.

  4. I'm excited to be visiting in August but as an open minded New Yorker who abhors social injustice, thank you Wolter for pointing out the fact that I may witness some stuff that may get me going!

  5. I would take the "intolerance" out of the list of "hates" and put the metro system and their strategies to fine tourist instead.

  6. Five things we will hate about the west – racial supremacism, left liberalist intolerance of other's views, the shocking cost of living because the state rips us off with over-bloated taxes, police state surveillance with the omnipresence of CCTV etc and, five, the commonplace rudeness, arrogance and disdain westerners have for "foreigners". A possible sixth is patronising views and overgeneralisations like Wolters. Give me Budapest and its people any day.

  7. Why does this fat moron think he has anything to add about European countries. What an annoying, cloying, idiot-level description and host. Idiotic.

  8. Hungary is not intolerant. They want to preserve their culture and put their people first… It's only a problem for a European country to be white meanwhile most African and Asian countries are racially homogeneous.

  9. I've been vasilating between visiting Prague and Budapest. From what I'm gleaming from your videos, I think Prague is the winner

  10. This is bullshit. I've lived in Hungary for twenty years. Taxis are regulated – they all charge the same amount. When you get to the airport, do NOT ask the hotel to send you a taxi (as they WILL rip you off) – use the airport taxi company. Secondly, I have never met an antisemitic person in Hungary, though I have met plenty in western European countries (England, France and Germany, and especially Austria, but not in Hungary). The one thing that is true is the waiters – they really are beyond the pale of bad. And by the way, you DO get ripped off in restaurants as a foreigner. Lastly, it's the cheapest capital city in Europe, However, you need to watch what you eat and drink, as in particular, shorts are very expensive, and so is wine in restaurants.

  11. "Jobbik, the Movement for a Better Hungary, commonly known as Jobbik, is a Hungarian political party with radical and nationalist roots." In other words, they are a bunch of racist bigots. Hungarians may not feel that they are prejudiced and they may be right in that, but their government is. And "standing up for white nationalism" is also bigoted. Don't just stand up for the rights of YOUR nationality. Stand up for the rights of the human race.

  12. Cab drivers ripping people off? Never happens anywhere else in the world!! Neo nazis? Are they in the bars, clubs, restaurants he recommends?

  13. It’s Budape(sh)t 🙂 it is cheap if rolling from California. You can rent an incredible loft for $50 a night in District 5. Uber is banned currently however at an Airport (BUD) you can get an exact quote. Do not tip over a bit of loose change. Ruin pubs and and the cat tea lounge is fun.

  14. Sorry But this is so out of date its unreal Its a lovely place and all Taxi are regulated. public transport is clean and cheap , food is great quality and really reasonable. this is 8 years old well out of date!!!!!!!!

  15. I'm African American.  I really appreciate your honesty. I also heard it was so cheap, but considering it's popularity with tourists, I believe it isn't so cheap…..  I love your reviews…. and I'll still visit.

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