Negan (Dave Chappelle) readies to take out Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby, Lil Jon or another memorable Chappelle’s Show character.

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  1. "Won't you put that bat down monkey!!"..I'm black and I love that particular line..its funny especially when your from the south like me

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  3. Dave must be super rich already because I've never seen someone with so much talent and so many connections not want to be on the highest level possible….Any company would give Dave anything , a show , a movie , a sitcom anything he wanted….But its like he wants none of it…I don't get it……peace

  4. No, this POS can't do anything of the old Chappelle's show. Why? Because this POS memory doesn't go back that far. That's why they took pieces or scenes of the original Chappelle's show and piece them together on this POS, doing a scene of the Walking Dead portraying the character of NEGAN. If anyone look closely, you can tell that the pieces or scenes of the original Chappelle's show and that of this POS, performing on Saturday Night Live were and are two different people, the NOW, a new Synethic Robotoid and the original is that of the real once alive David Chappelle and I most definitely know because the original David was my ex late cousin and this new POS Synethic is a Robotoid that the Illuminati has constructed to make money off for themselves. SMDH

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