SNL’s Sketch About A Gay Adult Film Star

We have a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch for you all to watch.

In the past decade or so, Saturday Night Live has been a real hit or miss show. Sometimes, they get real sensational sketches like the viral “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black” video. Then, sometimes they have real duds that just aren’t even worth mentioning.

That said, the show got us again thanks to its host Sam Rockwell (and it’s musical guest Halsey too, but not specifically for the sketch below).

Golden Globe winner Sam Rockwell is usually known for his dramatic roles like in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing or Missouri, but the actor was committed to putting on a funny face for his time on Saturday Night Live last night.

The sketch shows Sam Rockwell playing a mid-western father (based on the accent) who meets his son’s boyfriend for the first time.

Everything seems well and good, but the boyfriend asks the son whether the parents know if he’s a porn star (specifically a CockyBoys porn star).

While the son says no, Sam Rockwell’s hilarious delivery shows that the father very much does.

Check out the video below to see how it all plays out.

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We have to give props to Sam Rockwell who really committed to that scene, to the writers for coming up with something funny and original, and to the other actors who let Rockwell shine in that sketch (though, we wish their reactions were a little bit funnier).

The scene was great, gay, and definitely worth a watch (or two!).